A NANO light-wallet in your browser

VANO is a light-wallet extension for NANO, a cryptocurrency with fast transactions and zero fees over a decentralised network


Welcome to VANO

VANO makes it simple for people to send and receive NANO - right from their browser.

Ease of use

With a special focus on the user experience, VANO is the most intuitive way to pay with NANO. Fast and fee-less transactions, right at your fingertips!

Multiple browser-support

Currently supporting Google Chrome, Brave and Mozilla Firefox.


Seeds are encrypted and stored locally within your browser. The server will never see or use it.

Open Source

Don't trust me? Good! The code is open source so you are free to build and install the extension yourself.


Focused on NANO

I chose NANO for its fast, feeless properties and active community.

And more...

I am working hard to improve and implement new features frequently.


VANO is currently in open beta

Download VANO

Remember that VANO is in beta and can be unstable. So please be careful and do not store large amounts of NANO in the wallet.